Below you will find a list of previous Arts Award Winners. These are members of Augusta’s vibrant arts community who stand out for their dedication to and standard of excellence in the arts.

President’s Award

The Greater Augusta Arts Council President’s Award,  is selected by the president of the Arts Council Board of Directors in order to recognize outstanding work in the arts in Augusta.

1985 Junior League of Augusta
1986 Tona Bays
1987 Dr. Russell Moores
1990 Jane W. Howington
1992 Roger Wahl
1993 Jerry Woods
1994 Jeanette Cummings
1995 Susan Rice
1996 David Crews
1997 Robin McElmurray
1998 Louis Wall
1999 Barbara Feldman
2000 Heather Crist
2001 Vola & Harry Jacobs
2002 Edward Bradberry
2003 Ft. Gordon
2004 Sandra Fenstermacher
2005 Evelyn Ellis
2006 Jay Jacobs
2007 Ellis Johnson
2008 Karen Gordon
2009 The Trustees of the Academy of Richmond County
2010 David Tucker
2011 Saundra Plunkett
2012 Sandra Self
2013 Roy Lewis
2014 Deke Copenhaver
2015 Mary Jones
2016 Steve Walpert
2017 Morris Museum of Art
2018 Dennis Skelley
2019 City of Augusta
2020 Larry Millard & Cheryl Goldsleger


A business or individual honored in this category provides significant financial support for the arts.

1985 Regency Mall
1986 Latco Construction Co.
1987 Peter S. Knox Jr.
1990 Castleberry’s Food Co.
1992 Jack Hermahn, Westingthouse-Savannah River Site
1993 Trust Company Bank
1994 Fat Man?s Forest
1995 First Union Bank
1996 SunTrust Bank
1997 Knox Foundation
1998 AT&T
1999 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
2000 Phoenix Commercial Printing
2001 Clear Channel Radio
2002 Redwolf, Inc.
2003 Peter Knox, IV
2004 Coca-Cola Bottling Company
2005 AB Beverage
2006 Jim Hudson Lexus
2007 Beasley Broadcast Group (Augusta)
2008 Earth Fare
2009 SRP Federal Credit Union
2010 Wierhouse
2011 The Watson-Brown Foundation Junior Board
2012 Georgia Health Science University
2013 Nola Falcone Charitable Foundation
2014 Georgia Bank and Trust
2015 Porter Fleming Foundation
2016 Beasley Media Group
2017 Gold Mech
2018 MAU
2019 Bank of America
2020 Doctors Hospital of Augusta


The Media award is given to a newspaper, television station, radio station, magazine or individual that has demonstrated extraordinary support for community arts activities by providing outstanding media coverage of the arts community.

1985 Phil Kent
1986 Bill Scholly
1987 Don Rhodes
1990 WACG Peach State Public Radio
1992 George Paschall
1993 Don Rhodes
1994 Nelson Danish
1995 WJBF-TV
1996 WBBQ
1997 David Van Trease
1998 Augusta Focus
1999 Alan Cooke
2000 Donnie Fetter
2001 The Augusta Chronicle
2002 Augusta Magazine
2003 Comcast
2004 Metropolitan Spirit
2005 John Mann
2007 Columbia County News Times
2008 Perry Broadcasting
2009 Austin Rhodes
2010 WFXG TV Fox 54
2011 Brad Means
2013 Tom Mack/Aiken Standard
2014 Mark Hodges/WRDW
2015 Don Rhodes
2016 Drew Dawson
2017 Mary Frances Hendrix
2018 Charmain Zimmerman Brackett
2020 Velvet Perry

Arts Professional

This award is given to an individual who has achieved exemplary administrative or educational achievement in the arts community of the River Region via his or her professional job as an organization’s teacher, leader or administrator. Examples: Directors of organizations; arts instructors; arts promoters; arts workers; development personnel; grant writers; other types of employees of arts organizations

2000 Beverly Barnhart
2001 Brenda Durant
2002 Carolyn Dolen
2003 Greg Goodwin
2004 Elizabeth Walpert
2005 Kevin Grogan
2006 Steve Walpert
2007 Molly McDowell
2008 Krys Bailey, Doug Joiner, Richard Justice
2009 Audrey Crosby
2010 James Nord
2011 Shizuo Kuwahara
2012 Jamie Garvey
2013 Alan MacTaggart
2014 Ferneasa Cutno
2015 Lois Akins
2016 Patricia Meyers
2017 Trey Maxwell, Tracer Audio
2018 Debi Ballas, Augusta Players
2019 Gary Dennis
2020 Porter Stokes



This award recognizes exemplary artistic achievement in any arts discipline by a professional or semi-professional artist in the River Region. This winner is one who is dedicated to excellence and growth in their field and achieves recognition above and beyond the River Region. Examples: Visual artists, musicians, dancers, actors, writers, choreographers, set designer, couturier

1992 Edward Rice
1994 Rick Davis
1995 Ed Bradberry
1996 Melvin Brown
1997 Flo Carter
1998 Ron Colton
1999 Rudy Volkman
2000 Judith Simon Butler
2001 Harry Jacobs
2002 James W. Garvey
2003 Russell Joel Brown
2004 Donald Portnoy
2005 Rosalyn Floyd
2006 Peter Pawlus
2007 Kathy Girlder Engler
2008 Edward Rice
2009 Brian Rust
2010 Ed Turner
2011 Malaika Favorite
2012 Thomas Lyles
2013 Keith Shafer
2014 Philip Morsberger
2015 Wycliffe Gordon
2016 Henry Wynn
2017 Leonard “Porkchop” Zimmerman
2018 Trey McLaughlin
2019 Eryn Eubanks
2020 Karlton Clay



The Volunteer Award is given to an arts volunteer (must be associated with the arts organization in an unpaid capacity) who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to support an arts organization. Examples: leaders of performing/exhibiting groups; community arts advocates; community arts organizers; arts event organizers; organization assistants

1990 Keith Claussen
1992 Henry Thomas
1994 Shell Knox
1995 Christine Miller-Betts
1996 Nancy Connolly
1997 Susan Nicholson
1998 Ellis Johnson
1999 Patti Ann Smith
2000 Pat Knox
2001 Elaine Feldman
2002 Lisa Bryant
2003 Gloria & Lowell Greenbaum
2004 Laurie Vanover
2005 Bill Toole
2006 John Lovin
2007 Morris Museum Docents
2008 Gary & Paige Tom
2009 Angela Hillesland
2010 Rich Borgatti
2011 Levi Hill
2012 Harriet Brantley
2013 Liz Anne Johnson
2014 Frances “Panny” Force
2015 Tricia Hughes
2016 Linda Scales
2017 Sue Alexanderson
2018 Levi Hill
2019 Mike Sleeper
2020 Carol Rezzelle

Kath Girdler Engler Public Art Award: Established 2018

Recipients of this award could include: an individual artist who has created public art pieces that provide a new way for us to experience the city, donors and/or sponsors who have financially supported or commissioned the creation of public art, organizations that are championing the cause of public art, or any other individual/entity that exhibits commitment to and leadership in public art initiatives in Augusta.

2018 Jason Craig
2019 Jessye Norman School of the Arts
2020 Wesley Stuart & Coleen Beyer